After 2.5 years building the future of AR/VR & SLAM at Occipital, I’ve decided it’s the right time to build some robots and strike out on a new adventure.

Scythe Logo

This week I officially made the leap from employee to founder again, along with my good friends and partners Davis and Isaac. They were crazy enough to jump with me and we’ve banded together to bring Scythe Robotics to life.

Scythe is building smart outdoor robots to make the world a more beautiful place and do some of that dull, dirty and dangerous work I’ve talked about before. With my co-founders Davis and Isaac, we’ll be a triple threat team across hardware, software and sales.

We’re proud that Scythe will be based here in Boulder, Colorado and will be a part of Boulder’s amazing Robotics Community. A supportive community makes all the difference in the world and Boulder’s got the best one around.

Get in touch if you love robots and want to find out more, or just stay tuned!

Scythe Robotics Founding Team

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